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Castelli diaries 2022 - part 2

Today we received the following message from Lediberge Benelux bv; importer of Castelli diaries:

Yesterday afternoon we were informed by the management in Italy about the latest developments and the current state of affairs at Boost (parent company of Castelli agendas). In addition to the financial problems, a major problem has now arisen on the raw materials market.

Unfortunately, we now have to inform you that the situation at Boost is such that the administrator has decided to immediately stop all work on orders still to be delivered to the foreign branches (including Lediberg Benelux bv) and to cancel the deliveries of these orders. .

This means that we will no longer receive any deliveries of diaries in 2021 and that we will therefore no longer be able to deliver the remaining positions with bound diaries.

It goes without saying that this situation also affects us enormously, both economically and emotionally.
We are well aware that we are also damaging the trust you have placed in us, and that is very painful.

Our sincere apologies for this extremely annoying situation.

Yours sincerely,

Lediberg Benelux bv

Castelli diaries 2022

At the moment there are delivery problems at Castelli, due to a very bad financial 2020 Castelli has run into problems.

Fortunately, this does not mean that the diaries will no longer be delivered, but that there has been a delay when the diaries will come in.

A number of diaries are now on the way, such as the Jeka, and in week 40 the ring binder diaries starting with 937 (H37), 943 (H43) and 944 (H44) will be received.

Unfortunately, the other diaries are not expected until week 47 (22 - 28 November) (no reason to panic yet!)

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